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Our Hub Agencies

by Les Equipiers

What is a hub agency?

A hub agency is an agency that is primarily used for meeting clients or can serve as a transitional location for ephemeral projects, such as performing services that do not require a permanent presence.

Thus, they are not only places to meet you, but also places open to creativity. They make it easy to execute our event services. In addition, our hub agencies allow us to coordinate our public relations services, especially when these take on an urgent dimension for the structure calling upon our services.

They come in addition to our French and Romanian agencies. These hub agencies have a purpose of representativeness to allow us to welcome you within real hub to facilitate the meeting, the dialogue and the exchange.

These values being fundamental to us, we have dedicated locations on 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Oceania) for the moment.

This is the perennial solution to be as close as possible to you and your expectations!

Where to find us?